Member Benefits

Government Representation

Legislative and regulatory issues are faced on an ongoing basis. This is your opportunity to help advance the Industry’s interests before the Provincial and Municipal Governments.

Networking Opportunities

The association provides the opportunity for companies to grow and prosper. Expand your knowledge of the Industry and help shape the Industry with your knowledge and experience.


A newsletter will be published 4 times per year, beginning in the Fall of 2001, about the Aggregate Industry. (Previous issues here) Articles appear in the newsletter that could make a difference in your company’s operations. It is also a valuable advertising tool, to promote your company’s goods and services.

Members provide articles of interest to the BCSSGA’s wide range of Members. We will also broadcast Email BCSSGA Board meeting minutes, and bulletins.

Check out our Web site for up to date information on the Industry news.

Annual Awards

We host an Annual Awards Luncheon for our members to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have excelled at Reclamation Projects and who have performed extraordinarily in Community Relations. We also recognize those Companies who have promoted Safety in the workplace, indicated by the lack of lost-time injuries in their Company.

Check out our Web site for up to date information on the Industry news.

Benefits Package

Liability Insurance, which includes :

  • Rip & Tear coverage for concrete or paving Contractors,
  • Forest fire fighting expenses, blasting and excavating,
  • Pollution coverage for third party liability,
  • All risks property coverage,
  • Equipment insurance, including replacement with equivalent good used equipment

We look forward to your input! Please consider joining the association.