Projects You Can Do At Home

Projects At Home


We all have projects that we either need or want to do at home. For almost everything we do we use some form of an aggregate in our projects.

  • For most British Columbians our home is our largest investment. We want our homes to last a long time. To ensure our homes last safely for many, many years they are built on, and with, aggregates.
  • When we build our fences we need to anchor the posts, primarily with gravel and concrete.
  • Landscaping uses large and small rocks, soil and sand to create that unique outdoor space we’re looking for.
  • Pathways need a base of rock for drainage and stability.
  • Retaining walls start with a rock base, a concrete foundation, rock and mortar or pre-cast concrete blocks for the wall topped with a cap stone.
  • Additions to our homes start with gravel and sand bases for concrete foundation walls and slabs.
  • Exposed aggregate and plain pre-cast slabs for walkways use sand, rock dust or crush for their base.
  • Natural and man made aggregate is used in decorative stonework for interior and exterior applications.


Some areas where you may not think that aggregates have a place in the home:

  • Bathroom renovations where concrete board is needed for shower and bath areas.
  • Kitchen renovations with granite counter tops and stone decorative tile.
  • Leveling floors with topping mix, laying tile with concrete tile adhesives, grouting with concrete polymer grouts.
  • Insulating walls with a mineral based insulation.
  • The glass in your windows, bowls and ornaments.