Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation


Almost every village, town and city in this province have either single or multiple sports complexes for their residents to use. Team sports, individual athletic pursuits and general fitness are all accommodated by these facilities. None of the fields, tracks, pools, rinks, stadiums, golf courses, to name a few, that we take for granted would exist without aggregates.

Aggregates are the foundations on which all of these are built – quite literally. Aggregate compounds are used from the ground up to provide strength in structures, soil for plants and grass, and decorative and functional finishing.

We are entertained by our professional sports franchises who play in stadiums or arenas where large numbers of people can sit in comfort, knowing that the building is safe and strong. Whenever there are games, professional or amateur, there is always economic spin off to the community.

Jobs are created during construction and operation of the facilities. Maintenance, management, instructional and catering staff are all required from the point the doors open through the long term. As programs develop and the buildings are expanded more jobs are generated making the economies of our communities stronger.

Sports and recreation engages people socially, taking them away from their phones and computers and brings them back to personal interaction. For our youth, team sports teach cooperation, expands their thinking and encourages them to problem solve on the fly, reacting to the conditions of the game as it’s happening. It’s an important tool that educates, keeps them engaged and entertained where they might otherwise be drawn to less desirable activities.

It’s hard to imagine sometimes how much of our lives are affected by rocks. But when you think about it, our entire planet is anchored to them; we have a far greater reliance on rocks than just in how we use them.