Tourism and Trade

Tourism and Trade


It’s hard to imagine that an operation like a quarry or mine can be anything but a large blight on the landscape but reality is they can become not only places where you want to be, but places that are beautiful world wide attractions.

Every aggregate facility in the province has their operation plan but they also have their reclamation plan once the site reaches the end of its cycle. The reclamation is where the magic takes place.

BC boasts some pretty impressive examples of post operational successes, not only locally but internationally, specifically Butchart Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Park and Towne Centre Park. They were developed over time, but in each case there was a firm vision of the end result and a detailed strategy put into place to realize the dream. These transitions do not happen overnight but they are a reminder to us all of what can be accomplished and what to aim for.

The world wide recognition of reclaimed quarries that have been transformed is a huge economic boost for the province. Tournaments are held at the sporting venues, seasonal flowers and lights are presented at the gardens year round. Tourism dollars generate revenues for not only the facility operators but also for the communities where they are located. Visitors need places to stay, food to eat, transportation to get to and from and places to shop and unwind.

Closer to home, other reclaimed sites have been turned into parks and walking trails and are used everyday by people of all ages. Almost all the reclaimed sites that are now green spaces have some redeeming feature that makes them favourite go to spots for locals and visitors alike.