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Students Index


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Lesson 1
Front Cover for Student’s Activity Booklet

Lesson 2
Lesson Two provides a detailed description of several different types of aggregates and their benefits.
Lesson 2A | Product Chart Page 1
Lesson 2B | Product Chart Page 2

Lesson 3
Lesson Three provides pictures of the product samples described in Lesson Two.
Lesson 3A | Sample Pictures Page 1
Lesson 3B | Sample Pictures Page 2

Lesson 4
In this exercise, students construct stones from common ingredients.

Lesson 5
Familiarize students with terms used to describe aggregate properties by having them define the qualities of their home-made stone.

Lesson 6
Students create a grid to relate the different properties of aggregate.

Lesson 7
This lesson covers some common uses of aggregate, as well as some uses you may never have thought of!

Lesson 8
A short story.

Lesson 9
A crossword puzzle using much of the vocabulary used in this unit.

Lesson 10
A poster showing some of the many uses of aggregate within the community.

Lesson 11
Because the poster spans an entire 11″x17″ page, Unit 11 provides an identical copy of the poster spanned across two 8.5″x11″ pages.
Lesson 11A | Poster Left
Lesson 11B | Poster Right

Lesson 12
Poster Number-find.

Lesson 13
A mathematical exercise using aggregate costs as a practical application of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Lesson 14
Lesson 14 provides an introduction to the controls and regulatory bodies overseeing the Aggregate Industry.