Economic Benefits

Economic Benefits

Aggregate producers directly and indirectly employ a diverse range of trades needed to produce, process and ship their products from site to customer. On site staff operate the equipment that handle the raw goods, support staff handle the logistics, supply, sales, financial and operational aspects. Outside companies can provide the transportation and distribution, utilizing their employees and their unique skills. The result is an affordable product that gets to the end user on time.

Because most quarry sites are set up close to the communities or businesses they serve, the Province of B.C. has a process in place to grant crown land usage at varying rates for certain operations. This makes it easier for companies to provide localized production and distribution and to draw a portion of their employees from the local communities, helping to stimulate the economies of the areas they serve.

Stronger economies also attract investment from companies and individuals within and outside of B.C. making it possible for owners and operators to expand operations, supply new markets and employ more people.

The need for homes, offices and industrial sites stimulates our construction industry who rely on aggregate products to be able to build. The foundation for everything we construct is on aggregates of some form. As new residential and industrial facilities are erected the roads, bridges, power and sewer systems needed to service these developments are put in at the same time. More business for aggregate suppliers, more jobs for British Columbians.

British Columbia has one of the largest supplies of the best aggregate materials in the world, potentially making our products available for worldwide demand. We are at a disadvantage though, as the cost to transport these products over small distances, can be up to 2/3 of the value of the goods. Larger distances could incur higher costs so the only way to offset that is to move a larger quantity per shipment, which becomes a logistical challenge.

We are working towards finding new ways that our products can be transported less expensively, especially in markets that are currently cost prohibitive and to identify prospective income earning opportunities in other areas. We have the time and resources to put in place a detailed and comprehensive plan to grow our industry as the demand for our products increases both locally and abroad.