Aggregate Educational Resources


The BC Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association has developed a number of elementary-level lesson plans aimed at giving young people a better understanding of the importance and of the widespread use of aggregate in our everyday lives. The lessons are interactive and deal with a variety of topics including mathematics, measurements, and vocabulary. At the teacher’s discretion, the lesson plans can be accompanied by a field trip to a local aggregate facility, where students can receive a “hands-on” perspective to their studies. (Please, contact the association if a field trip would assist in your efforts !)

The lesson plans are split into a number of independent files in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Each file is meant to be printed separately and included in a more comprehensive, multiple-lesson plan. We leave the task of lesson scheduling to the teacher. You may choose to focus only on certain activities or you may change the order of any of the activities.

We also encourage students to download the lessons here directly – learn what it is to be in the aggregates industry and how important aggregates are to you !


Opening and printing acrobat files requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a common application essential for internet users. If you have trouble viewing the lesson plans, you can download the Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe’s Web Site.

Enjoy learning !