Workplace Health & Safety Award 2023

To help ensure the workforce is protected and workers get home safely each day, all employees should actively play a role in upholding an organization’s workplace safety program.
A workplace safety program consists of all the processes, protocols, and guidance put in place to help mitigate risks on-site and reduce injury and illness rates. All employees must be fully invested and committed to these workplace safety tips to help create a safer work environment. When the workforce shows a dedication to safety, different risks and hazards on-site can be quickly identified and corrective actions can be set.

Benefits of Safety in the Workplace

When the workforce is truly dedicated and comes together to help create a safe working environment, this will contribute to less injuries and illnesses on-site, which will in turn offer myriad benefits.

About the AWARD

The Workplace Health, Safety & Innovation Award recognizes a workplace practice, policy, program, process, or tool which demonstrates improvements in the area of health and safety. This includes anything which could be considered proactive, unique, creative or forward thinking.


The objective of the workplace health and safety award is to: • Acknowledge individuals, organizations and/or companies for their efforts in the prevention of workplace / site incidents, injuries and illnesses. • Encourage individuals, organizations, and companies to implement programs, policies, safety protocols or onsite practices which improve the health and safety of workers and the surrounding community.




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Award Deadline February 1, 2023
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